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Our 2023 Exemplary Leader (Consumer Goods) award winner, Saurabh Gadgil, CEO and MD, PNG Jewellers is a visionary who grew a family-run jewelry business based in Pune into an international enterprise. Going from a handful of hometown outlets to 37 branches across the nation, and in the USA and UAE, he has steered PNG Jewellers to an annual turnover of around ₹5000 crore. 

Gadgil has forged strategic brand alliances with Bollywood luminaries and overseen the creation of new product lines to respond to changing aesthetics and lifestyles. He also evinces a strong commitment to social responsibility, as borne out in a timely response to community needs in the COVID-19 pandemic.

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A truly inspiring leader, Gadgil is also a man of concision, choosing to keep his words at the award ceremony brief and pithy. Expressing his gratitude for the award, he reiterated ça leader has to be someone with a bigger vision who can inspire a team and take them along on that journey.’ He placed people firmly at the center of this success. ‘In our case, the three pillars are really our employees, the consumers and our karigars. This is what really makes us what we are.’

Vision, inspiring leadership, and people power – elements of a successful business, in the glittery world of jewelry and beyond!