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Mention the word “Yoga” and the first image that comes to mind is someone engaged in a special physical asana (or pose). Yoga is much more than stretching the body. It is more about the resonance that comes from being deeply connected with awareness, with other people and with the natural environment.

Leaders working mindfully with a sense of total oneness or wholeness, work with ease and creativity. They are naturally present to the moment and conscious of what is happening inside and around them.  This reduces stress. Besides being a great stress buster, there is evidence to show that  Mindfulness also benefits business. According to survey results captured in a report ( Exploring the Value Proposition for Workplace Health) from the non-profit Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO), more than 90 percent of business leaders say that promoting wellness can positively affect employee productivity and performance.

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With our experience of serving in the fields of Leadership Development, Training, Organizational Change and  Executive Coaching for over 33 years, we can state emphatically that happy and healthy leaders are better performers.  They also inspire others to take care of their own health and happiness (e.g. through yoga, exercise and conscious eating). This has a positive impact on the performance and productivity of organizations.

So, if you are not already doing something to take care of your body-mind, begin now.  The payoff for you and your organization are high. Besides it is a great feeling to be fit and healthy.

Happy International Yoga Day!