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While the majority of the developed countries today boast of better female representation on all fronts scores of reports show the gap is still glaring. According to a survey by across the United States, among the fortune 500 CEOs, there are only 7.2% women, and only 25% have C-suite jobs in the top 1000 companies. As per the UN reports looking at the current trend, gender equality in the highest positions of power will not be reached for another 130 years.

Well, this is only one side of the picture. Now let’s see what the facts and figures have to say about women leadership and why the companies need them.

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Several studies and reports favour women leadership for sustained success. Companies with higher representation of women on their boards are found to be outperforming the organizations that lack it by a remarkable degree. 

Various other studies by Gallup and McKinsey & Company have further reinforced that companies with greater gender diversity, not just within their workforce but directly among senior leaders, are faring better than those without it. 

This implies women’s participation is essential for balanced and accelerated growth. Giving due recognition to innovative women solutionaries in the workplace and working towards increasing their numbers is critical to architecting transformative futures. This is why Big Brands today are working on improving women engagement in top positions and investing in Women leadership program modules.

Women as Powerful Contenders for Leadership Roles

Men and women have their set of leadership traits and qualities that enables them to excel in their respective positions. However, based on multiple 360 reviews it has been deduced that women score higher in several key leadership qualities (going contrary to the popular belief -men are the best fit for leadership). These include:

  • Taking initiative
  • Resilience
  • Open to self-awareness & development
  • Developing & inspiring others
  • Relationship management
  • Championing change
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Problem-solving 
  • Communication & negotiation

Feminine Qualities & Different Outlook Are Plus Points

The uniqueness of women’s leadership that makes them incredible leaders lies in their innate qualities. They ace soft skills like empathy, communication, multi-tasking and listening skills that form the cornerstone for effective leadership and are often emphasized by the best CEO training programs. Being inclusive in nature, women demonstrate passion, enthusiasm and potential to serve and be served by others that work in favour of the organization.

They have a completely different way of analyzing problems, dealing with people and deriving effective solutions in times of crisis. Thriving on collaborative culture and team trust, they make bold and wise decisions relying on team members’ caliber. 

Creating a performance-enhancing environment, women leaders establish a culture of cooperation and understanding. They embed ethical, authentic and emotionally intelligent behaviors into the DNA of the organization and lead people without showcasing an air of authoritativeness. 

Mentoring Women Leadership for Brighter & More Stable Future

Women’s potential and leadership skills are enormous but many times they fail to channelize them. Implementing mentorship programs or CEO leadership development program can be paramount in empowering female leaders.

It can lay the foundation for continued business success. Well-trained female leaders not only show efficiency in their current role but also serve as excellent mentors who can guide and prepare other women mentees for the corporate ladder. 

Mentees can learn skills like communication, connection-building, and emotional intelligence. It helps create less stressful environs for newer female hires, ultimately leading to more productivity, confidence, and personal growth.

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