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Successful leaders have certain intangible qualities that make them different and inspiring. However, these are not really intangible qualities but a combination of certain traits known as executive presence; and communication capabilities that show they are in charge or deserve to be in charge.

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What is executive presence?

While it may mean different for every person; in simple terms, executive presence exudes from being authentic, developing confidence in others, and inspiring people to take meaningful actions. Developing executive presence is a personal transformation journey of who you are, the type of leader you are, and the kind you want to become.

What is executive presence training?

Executive presence training program is a culmination of research over three decades and is based on understanding the brain’s neuroscience; acknowledging that positive changes are driven by managing triggers, behaviors, and your self-management ability in difficult situations to achieve excellent results.

The distance between merit and success can be overcome with subtle signals conveyed in different ways, which include:

  • How you act – Are you able to show that you know your stuff and appear to be an expert in your field
  • How you speak – This does not only mean how you communicate but whether your thoughts land with their full intended impact.
  • How you appear – It includes how you dress, stand, and generally carry yourself.

Executive presence training targets these three areas. It includes multiple sessions, which may consist of mock presentations, recording yourself to understand how others perceive you, and more.

Why executive presence training?

Leaders with executive presence inspire their people, encourage team members to follow their example, develop trust with peers, and enjoy belief from senior management. The best executive presence training programs focus on developing charisma, confidence, and connections. Some benefits of such training include:

Effective communication

Lack of communication skills is a common reason why projects fail and the cost of ineffective communication can be staggering. Effective communication is an important component of a leadership presence training program and comprises the following aspects:

Compelling and precise presentation

These include the ability to effectively discuss points using data and storytelling methods. Participants are encouraged to simplify their messages and consider if the technical jargon is supporting their message without making it overly complicated. Learning how to use personal stories to connect with others is another important communication skill included in such programs.

Command and read the room

Leaders who are confident ensure an engaged and present audience. Executive presence programs help participants learn verbal and nonverbal cues to convey their messages. Additionally, customizing the message depending on the audience is important and a training program allows you to read the room and address their needs and wants. Using curiosity to start conversations and asking engaging open-ended questions can help leaders assess the needs and customize their presentations to address these.

Develop emotional intelligence (EI)

An executive presence training program helps you to develop EI to help you understand the emotions of your team members and offer the necessary support. You will acquire the skills to offer a safe environment where team members can bring themselves and their ideas without any hesitation. This can encourage innovative and out-of-the-box thinking to not only develop their team members but also foster organizational growth. EI also helps leaders understand their emotions and manage these during challenging situations, which brings improved decision-making and time management capabilities.

Every company aspires to have talented personnel and colleagues with strong leadership skills and potential. This ensures leaders will rise to the occasion and lead their companies during crises in ways that instill trust, reduce disruption, and leverage strategic competencies.

Leadership presence programs help you to develop and hone your skills to communicate effectively in ways that reflect your personal brand and bring out your value with your contributions and knowledge. It also encourages personal development by empowering you to understand the executive brain and its functioning, especially your triggers and effectively manage your responses. Honing and strengthening your interpersonal capabilities helps you navigate politics and challenges, which is important to succeed as a leader.

Leaders with an executive presence use their knowledge and leverage their confidence, credibility, and excellent interpersonal skills to make a positive and long-lasting impression. Change and a growth mindset encourage you to seek new learnings, invest in your leadership journey, and become a better version of yourself. Executive presence training helps you to develop competencies and invest in yourself to expand and empower your potential.

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