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Ability to communicate is an art that helps us excel not only in personal life but also in professional one. Such is the importance of effective communication in corporate world, that today most large companies prefer organizing communication skills training for their employees and managers.

Good communication is considered to be the bedrock for smooth running of business. It helps build relationships, facilitates innovation and promotes positive work culture; all in all, it makes it easier to achieve the set goals.

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The essential communication skills that an employee or manager must possess:

Show respect:

When we show respect to others when trying to put across our message, we tend to fortify our stand.   Whether pitching an idea, making a business deal or just engaging in regular conversation with a boss or coworker, being polite and respectful are imperative—not just in terms of cultural practice, but in terms of common courtesy and making connections. We must be respectful of one’s time, place, perspective and feelings as these promote healthy work environment.

Learn to be a patient listener:

People usually have tendency to talk at lengths when communicating across companies, project ideas, deals and more. But do you know that taking time to listen is also very important. In fact, according to leadership programs in India, effective communication is a two-way street where active listening is as crucial as speaking. This includes maintaining eye contact and incorporating right non-verbal gestures to let the other parties know we are convinced with their ideas — and more importantly, that we are listening to them!

Maintain right body language:

When it comes to communicating ideas and plans, it’s not just verbal communication that counts. Instead our body language too plays an important role in emphasizing our message. Body language illustrates confidence and commitment in more ways than we realize. As a speaker, we must be conscious of and cultivate the presence we bring to our speech. Crossed arms, avoiding eye contact, biting lips or adjusting hair or clothing are some distractive mannerisms that must be done away with.

Don’t shy away from asking questions:

The ability and willingness to ask thoughtful questions is critical to communication skill. Asking questions helps to clarify doubts, control a conversation and even influence others. This is not just applicable for employees. Even leaders at work, must follow questioning habit -instead of giving direction, we should try asking questions to guide individuals to a correct conclusion.

Open Mindedness works:

If we want to an influential speaker we must learn to accept different perspectives. This forms an integral part of most executive presence training programs. It helps us to stay connected with our co-workers and understand the corporate work culture. Judgment and insistent on one’s own opinions can turn out to be a huge barrier to open effective communication. Be it adapting to new plan of action or new processes at work, being open minded brings in concrete results.

Feedbacks can propel positive work culture:

This communication skill is essential for senior level managers to help their co-workers and organization to grow. Feedback whether negative or complimentary must be conveyed such that it brings out the best in the employees.  We should remember that feedback is not just about correcting mistakes, but also a way of encouraging employees to improve their performance. So, when something negative is to be communicated, it’s better to commend the person first for his/her contribution and then go on to the real points.

Concluding Thoughts:

Irrespective of the type of business you are involved in and the level you are positioned at, good communication skill will always be an asset. Top Leadership programs in India like that provided by Pragati Leadership play a strategic role in developing and honing communications skills of working professionals. Our training modules are designed with a holistic approach- we train how to create persuasive message, when to cooperate and not compete, how to ask thoughtful questions and more.

For all those who want to give that extra edge to their career, mastering communication skills is a must. Contact us to know about our communication and management development programs and give your personality the push it deserves!