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A global hub for technology and outsourcing, Bangalore is one of the defining success stories of modern India, and a venue where many businesses have scripted their own success narratives. Fulfilling that potential requires outstanding, inspiring leaders and an organizational culture that is collaborative, agile, and focused on strategic goals. Our tailored learning interventions improve strategic thinking and promote inspiring leadership, drawing on three decades of expertise, helping organizations across industries chart exceptional success journeys.

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We believe in moving from a shareholder-focused methodology to an approach that benefits all stakeholders, keeping in mind the Quadruple Bottomline of Purpose, People, Planet, and Profit. Time and again, we have found that this broadening of perspective creates inspiring leaders who lead successful businesses, that are vibrant, fulfilling places to work in, and that excel in delivering on core business goals.

Our People

From our founders to our latest rising stars, Pragati believes in working with people who embody the kind of passionate, yet pragmatic leadership and business acumen we seek to inspire in our interventions for clients. Our team includes several former CXOs and has conducted thousands of programs designed to meet many different challenges for a diverse set of organizations. And the results they deliver speak volumes.

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With a range of business-friendly options and a thriving tech and start-up ecosystem, Bangalore is an exciting environment for business. To make the most of the possibilities, Pragati Leadership offers a sound path to nurturing exceptional leadership talent, building aligned teams, and implementing a corporate culture that is geared towards strategic thinking.

7 ways we create Inspiring Leadership and Successful Organizations

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7 ways we create Inspiring Leadership and Successful Organizations

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Moving from an EGO-system of business to an ECO-system of sustainable business excellence.

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